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    I know green home improvement remodeling is considered to be one of the hot topics which is being prevailing this days right? Not only that, we have also observed that there are more selling of the green homes which you can go for in the real estate market too. Well, let me tell you that you can also go for getting the benefits of green home improvement remodeling which can help you in getting many of the things which you are in actual need. Don’t worry, there are many more of the technologies which have taken its pace and you can go for exercising at your home. If you are planning of going for remodeling or changing up your home than mark my words green home improvement remodeling is the best idea which you can go for at your home.

    This article will help you in getting all the information and the details which you wanted to have the look at while getting in to know about the benefits of green home improvement remodeling. Well there are many benefits of green home improvement remodeling which you can go for in your home like it will help you in Lessing down your expenditure as you are going for the green stuffs, helpful in getting with the environment, etc. and many more of the benefits of green home improvement remodeling which you can go for and which can be considered to be helpful for the home owners in many ways.

    Benefits of green home improvement remodeling

    • If you want that your wallet must not get much being involved in the remodeling of your home than mark my words, green home improvement remodeling is considered to be your jam which you can go for in your home.
    • We all know that remodeling the whole of the home is not at all the cheap idea right? It is going to involved more of your money and more cost expenditure cost will be informed too.
    • For avoiding this you need to go for such type of remodeling idea which can help you in getting it lower and green home improvement remodeling is considered to be one of the best choice which can help you with this matter.
    • Using green materials and technology will be not sounding more beneficial at first stage but there is nothing to worry about because it is considered to be long term benefit which the home owners can go for.
    • Another benefit which can help you in taking the decision of getting the green home improvement remodeling at your home is the good quality of health which you can get by installing this remodeling idea at your home.
    • As the normal products or materials which you will use up in your home are at some point of time being harmful but those green products which you are going to use in the means of remodeling your home will be better for your health.
    • In simple words we can say that green home improvement remodeling is considered to be providing healthier statement for your home which you can go for exercising at your home.
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    Benefits of using Green Energy at your HomeThe concept of green technology has been increasing day by day right? There are many things in which people have starting using green technology as their beneficial support which can help them in the better manner than that of the non-renewable resources which are being used a lot. We all have learned about the facts that renewable resources are such resources which can be used again and again the ways you want to go for but whereas non-renewable resources are such which if once used cannot be used again and again. So it is considered to be important to note for the benefits of using green technology at your home which can help you in many matters and will also help you in saving up your energy cost too.

    This article will help you to know about the benefits of using green energy at your home which you can go for and get all your issues solved by just installing it in your home. well, for instance let me help you out with some of the examples of suing green energy at your home which can be considered to be in your side is like it will help you in lowering down your expenditure of energy consumption, gaining independence energy by installing solar energy panel in your home, making the use of domestic biomass which are easily and readily available, etc. and many more of the things which are considered to be in the benefits of the home owners while using green energy at your home.

    Benefits of using green energy at your home

    • As stated above there are many benefits which you can go for at the time of using green energy at your home like make the use of solar energy which is considered to be renewable energy. You can make its use again and again as it is not going to extinct. Make the use of and installation of solar panels which can help you in many matters. And the first and the foremost thing which can be beneficial to the home owners are of lowering down the energy consumption of your home.
    • Yes, with the help of solar panels you can easily generate electricity in your home and this will help you in using less of your normal consumption of energy in your home. This will lead you with more of saving in not only in energy consumption but in also the money which you are going to pay in the form of energy consumption bills to the power supplies.
    • Not only the solar energy but biomass which is considered to be easily available in the ready form, you can make the use of it because with the help of it you can go for cooking up the food or making your home warm when it is winter. Wind energy is also considered to be a part of benefiting with the help of using green energy at your home which you can go for. Not only these but there are many other benefits which you can enjoy while using green energy at your home.
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    Posted In: Green Home Improvement by Paulin

    Flooring is considered to be one of the important parts of your home which you need to go for in a better manner so that the installation and the selection of flooring for your home gets in a perfect manner. There was a time where by, only those products or solutions were used which use to look beautiful in their home but now the trend and the concept has been set for something else. Now days the concept of eco-friendly adoption has been increased which is not only increasing the trend but is also helpful in maintaining your environment surrounding you. So it is important to note for certain most popular ecofriendly flooring solutions which you can go for.

    This article will help you in getting all the information regarding the popular ecofriendly flooring solutions which you can install in your home. Well, let me help you in telling that there are many different ecofriendly flooring solutions which are available in the market which can help you in maintaining your concept of installing ecofriendly flooring in your home. Some of the examples of ecofriendly flooring solutions for your home are like bamboo flooring, cork flooring solutions, etc. and many more of the options of ecofriendly flooring solutions which can be considered in your home.

    Most popular eco-friendly flooring solutions

    • Cork flooring solution

    cork flooringOne of the most common types of ecofriendly flooring solution which you can go for to install in your home is the cork flooring. Not only that but it is considered to be new to this world which is being accepted with the fast track by the home owners. It works as good solution or material for your home because it provides with the finest finishing which every home owner is in need of. It is made up out of the cork tree oak which is being popularly found in the forest of Mediterranean. Not only that but it is considered to be providing with the renewable source which is in the benefits of the home owners. Not only that but it is considered to be having easy process of installing it in your home.


    • Bamboo flooring solution

    Another option with the home owners, while going for ecofriendly flooring solution is the bamboo flooring. It is considered to be similar to the wood flooring which provides you with the effects of having natural inbuilt in your flooring when you install it. It is having many of the benefits which the home owners can go for like it is easy in maintenance, getting access towards it and cleaning it is easy. Not only has that but its installation been also easy which the home owners can go for in their home. Bamboo flooring solution is having longer durability power, so it is considered to be having longer life say for approx. 10-15 years which is considered be a good amount of time which you can go for in your home to get install it. Giving you with varieties of color texture, you can definitely consider it as one if the best ecofriendly flooring solution for your home.




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    Aloe Vera

    Aloe veraAloe Vera is a multi usable plant. It is easy to grow, sun loving and it helps to clear formaldehyde and benzene. Aloe Vera has a healing ability and that’s one of the reason people prefer Aloe Vera in their homes. The gel of Aloe Vera has a great ability to heal burns and cuts. It is a good indoor air cleaner plant as it keeps away your home from certain chemical cleaners.



    Peace Lily    

    Peace lilyIt is also known as spathiphyllum. It’s a beautiful plant which can improve indoor air quality of your home by 60%. It has a very beautiful technique for air purification. It decreases the level of mold spores that generates in the home by absorbing those spores with the help of its leaves and then circulating it to its plants roots where they are used as food. It is also helpful to keep shower tiles and curtains free from mildew into the bathroom. It is also used to absorb harmful vapors from alcohol and acetone. You should take care that peace lily should never be put in direct sunlight as it causes leaf burn. It is great and beneficial to put inside rather than putting it outside.

    Spider Plant

    Spider PlantSpider plant is most commonly found home plant. It is really easy to grow. You won’t believe but it takes just two days to grow. It is really very beneficial to improve indoor home quality and it removes up to 90% of toxins from your indoor air. It has a quick growing capacity. Its leaves expand with a great speed and keeps away harmful substances like allergens and molds. It is a must keep plant for those who have common dust allergies. It is good absorbent of small traces of formaldehyde and carbon monoxide.

    Snake Plant

    Snake plantIt is also called sansevieria trifasciata laurantii. This plant is considered as one of the best plant for cleaning out formaldehyde which is common in toilet papers, tissues, cleaning products and personal care products.  It is also advisable to put this plant in bathroom as it will help to thrive dim light and steamy humid conditions by filtering out air pollutants.  It is also famous as mother-in-law’s tongue. It is helpful in absorbing toxins like nitrogen oxide, benzene, Xylene, trichloroethylene and formaldehyde. Take care that you don’t pour plenty of water as this plant will rot if it’s soil is too moist for long time.



    English Ivy

    English IvyIt is also known as European ivy or hedera helix. This plant is very much beneficial for improving indoor air quality. It is such an houseplant which is helpful in filtering toxins from your house. It is a perfect house plant if you have pet in your home. As it can reduce the amount of airborne fecal matter. It is helpful in filtering formaldehyde which is usually found in household cleaning products, carpet treatments or furniture. It is also believed that keeping this plant on your desk results in better focus power as it absorb benzene which is usually present in office equipment.

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    Saving energy billsSometimes energy bills jumps very high and before you can judge it or take any step, you have to pay a big amount for electricity. If you don’t want this situation then you have to make some efforts and take steps towards lowering your energy bills. You alone cannot do this, you should also inform your family members residing in your house and also make them aware and take a collective step and you will be able to reduce energy bills.  Here are some of the ways of lowering your energy bills.

    • Cut down on energy leaks

    Cutting down on energy leaks indicates that you should turn off the lights and other electronic appliances. When you are not in the room, you should turn off the light and also unplug those electronic items which are not used like toaster, chargers of phone and power bank which provide power to many of the electronic appliances.

    DVD, digital photo frames, big screen TVs and other such appliances consumes more energy than you think. Thus shut them off while they are not in use. Unplugging electronic appliance is the best way to save energy bills as there are some appliances which consumes energy even after turning them off.

    • Spend your time outdoors

    It is natural that if you are spending all your time indoor then you must be using all the electronic appliances and the energy cost would be higher. Thus spent your time outside and have fun while going to the beach and doing such other stuff and by that time your electrical appliances would not be in use and thus you can save some costs on energy bills. Make sure to turn off all the things before leaving the house.

    • Close blinds, storm windows or shades

    Keeping windows and blinds closed can keep the room in the same temperature as you want. If you open them then it can heaten up your room during and you have to spend more on cooling the room and it can increase your energy bills and during winter keeping them open can let the cool air enter the house and the need of heating appliances increases increasing the usage of energy and increasing energy bills. Thus it is advisable to keep the windows and blinds closed so that you can save on your energy bills.

    • Use electricity during off peak hours

    If you are using any appliance which is not a necessity then try to use it during off peak hours. If you want to use a dishwasher, hair straighter or hair dryer or any appliance whose necessity is not during peak hour then try to use them during off peak hours. Try to use them early in the morning and late at night because electronic companies charge less for the energy consumed during this time and hence you can save your energy bills by doing so. It is advisable to wait till six pm in the evening for cooking after that time charges would be little bit less.

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    home noise reductionIs your neighbour to load? Is the traffic bothering you? Is your house near a construction area? It becomes so irritating, if some noise or the other keeps irritating you. It becomes so difficult to concentrate of anything you are doing. Also, home is supposed to be a place where you can relax, not a place you are scared off. Don’t worry, here is the solution to all your problems. Just keep scrolling down.

    What’s the need?

    Apart from being irritating, it also effects our body. It causes deafness, increased B.P, can precipitate migraine and a lot more. Also, there is a law to sound proof the house. It effects the wildlife as well. The natural web cycle is disturbed.


    There are some basic techniques that you can keep in mind while soundproofing your house. Change according to these techniques to get optimum results.

    Sound is basically a wave that travels through any medium it gets. There are good conductors and bad conductors of sound as well. Sound is produced by vibration of tiny molecules. If the vibration is stopped, sound can be stopped too.

    • Noise reduction

    Noise reduction is a technique in which the sound is stopped by a barrier in its pathway. It can be distance, damping material or also absorbing material.


    If you stand very far away from sound, you won’t be able to hear him. The same concept applies here. While buying a house choose one which is far away from the streets.

    Intervening object

    If you keep anything between the source of the noise and yourself, the noise will decrease. Like walls or furniture, practically anything. This is because the molecules collide with these things and do not reach us

    • Noise absorption

    Noise absorption basically means that a materials absorbs these molecules and only lets a few molecules to pass. This is one of the most important techniques used in sound proofing.
    Use 1 inch thick acoustic wall panels, cork flooring, carpets, rugs and paddings, draperies

    • Noise damping

    Noise damping is not the same as noise absorption. Noise damping means using a substance that cannot vibrate or vibrates very little. So when sound waves hit it, further transmission is difficult.

    Use floating hardwood, foam, draperies, furniture

    • Air proofing

    If there are cracks and crevices, sound can enter through it. All the sound proofing you do, is useless if you don’t fill these gaps.

    Just use latex or polyurethane corks or sprays, tighten existing doors and windows, buy high quality storm windows, add caps to the chimneys.

    • Decoupling

    Decoupling means breaking the bond. Here, two rooms are made one outer and one inner such that the two rooms do not touch each other. Air is filled between them so the transmission media is only broken. This is not practical as air can transmit sounds too.

    It is simple to sound proof the house, if you know what to do. Now, run to the hardware store and get ready for the peace and quiet. Get rid of the noise and live a calm happy life.

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    How To Build A Green Roof

    Posted In: Green Homes by cooldude

    Green RoofA green roof is a roof that is environmentally friendly. It is a roof-space that is covered with plants. These kinds of roofs not only look beautiful but also lower the temperature of your building and reduce air pollution. They also serve as a wildlife habitat and filter for storm water run-off before it reaches waterways. Here, you’ll learn how to build a green roof that is not only cool looking but also eco-friendly.


    1. Ensure that the roof is strong enough to handle the weight of roof liners, soil, plants and water. Ensuring the structural integrity of the roof is very essential. A green roof, depending on its strength, can be made either from lighter flowers or heavier plants such as trees and shrubs. The best way to check the firmness and integrity of your roof is by hiring a professional home roofing agency and a licensed architect or structural engineer. He/she shall go through the details and estimate a weight capacity. The experts not only determine the roof’s strength but also suggest repairs and changes that could increase the strength of the roof. They also provide you with tips to make the roof more structurally sound. There are permits that are required to build a green roof and these professionals can help you and guide you in obtaining these permits as well.

    2. The decision of whether you need to install an irrigation system on your roof is dependent on the climate of the place you live in and the kinds of plants you choose to grow. If you are looking for low-maintenance options then the plants should be native to the place so that they can survive in natural conditions. In this case there is no need for an irrigation system. However, if you choose plants that need a lot of water, you’ll need to have an irrigation system. You can also install it yourself or hire someone to do it for you.

    3. The soil should be well contained like a border around the roof’s edges. It might be difficult to make a border of soil along the roof so to make the task easier you can build a wall of wood that is a little taller than the depth of your soil. This is the easiest way to make the soil containment for a green roof.

    4. Most of the time, water can cause damage to the roof, therefore, you must waterproof the roof. You can paint or use a spray gun to provide a coat of waterproofing onto your roof. These coatings are readily available in most of the stores that keep building supply materials. After a day of having applied the coating, use pond liners to cover your entire roof.

    5. To finish your green roof make sure that you spread the soil thoroughly and evenly over the pond-liner. A one inch layer of gravel over the soil can ensure good drainage. Finally, plant shrubs, herbs, and flowers to turn your roof into a new roof garden.

    6. You can do the roof yourself or hire an experienced professional for advice and do the work yourself.

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    Five Reasons To Go Solar In 2014

    Posted In: Green Tech by cooldude

    solar homeIf you are thinking that going solar is difficult, you cannot afford it or it does not really matter, you shall soon have second thoughts about it. Going solar is much easier than you think. There are a number of options available such as solar powered pool or spas or the most common of all to have solar panels on your roof. You can think of one way or other of so many ways to use this abundant natural resource. Some of the reasons you should go solar are:

    • Since the recent past the government has been offering subsidies and rebates to encourage people to install solar power and other methods of being Eco-friendly. But, recently the government are changing these rebates and reducing the subsidies that used to be offered. There have not even been prior warnings. But, for now they are available and so do not waste time. Start taking them now so that you can enjoy most benefits out of these rebates.

    • Would you not want to cut down on your electricity consumption and the huge bills? Would you not like the idea of not having to pay the bill at all? It is definitely great but you can also make it better. If you could generate your own electricity and even supply you could actually get paid for it. Well, that is how useful solar energy is. It allows you to generate electricity for your home and office needs and also saves money for you. This is a major factor for you to start using solar power.

    • You all want a secure and healthy future for yourself and children. Nobody wants to live in an atmosphere where you need to work in coal mines for hours keeping your health at risk. You do not want the environment to get polluted from the thermal energy releasing greenhouse gases. You do not ruin your health. A safer, cleaner and Eco-friendly industry such as solar power is what is today’s needs. So, install solar panels at your home or office and encourage your acquaintances and friends to do the same. Take your step to a better future before it is too late.

    • Finally all the countries and people are realizing how harmful the emission from burning fossil fuels is. There are many steps that people have taken up to protect the degradation of environment; however all of this is not enough. We cannot sit back relaxed and waiting for the time when the environmentalists or scientists will find a solution. You need to do your part. Use as much as solar power and give up on the electricity generated by burning fossil fuels.

    • A house that is dependent on the conventional energy resources is no more attractive. Houses that have installed solar power in them and have moved to using cleaner energy sources have proved to be of major advantage. It can be a very big plus point even when you plan to sell your house. Even if you are not selling your house solar power is a very good investment.

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    How To Make A Frog Pond

    Posted In: Green Homes by cooldude

    Frog PondAre you looking to have your own frog pond at your home? Well, your backyard poses a fantastic location here and it’s really easy to set up a DIY frog pond. A frog pond assures a little piece of nature at your own home where you will have the cute little tadpoles floating around happily near you.

    First of all, select the area for the pond and the hole size would determine the measure of pond butyl liner you are about to buy. Dig the pond hole & free the land from roots and rocks which might otherwise pierce the rubber liner. Use the excavated materials to create the pond edges.

    Now, line the pond hole with around 50mm damp sand & smoothen it with wooden float. Place, butyl rubber liner in pond hole. Trim down the excess so that the liner fits perfectly in your pond. After you are done with the trimming, it’s time to fill up your pond hole with water.

    You have to place logs and rocks by the pond edge. These will help to anchor your pond liner & create a natural space for the frogs to dwell in happily. However, the adult frogs will hardly stay in the pond & it’s the tadpoles that are mostly about to stay in your own water-space.

    Now, you have to fill up the space between rocks (placed by pond edge) with pebbles. This will help in assuring easy transition from water to rocks that in turn result in a very naturalistic outlook. Potted plants are a must for your frog pond so get them ready beforehand. After you are done with the pebbles, it’s time that you get in your potted plants. Place the floating options in shallow end of your pond & the taller options must be placed in deep end.

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    Spring gardening tips

    Posted In: Green Homes by cooldude

    Spring gardeningSpring is the time to plan for summer by trimming, cleaning and fixing plants. Spring season is regarded as the busiest time for the gardeners. Below given are some of the useful points for farming during the spring time which will guarantee a striking and plentiful garden for summer.

    1. Clean your yard- Collect all the rubbish left on your grass after the winter blizzard has dissolved. Eliminate any mulch from the soil so that the soil can be suitably melted out. After the soil has melted and warmed up, put on new mulch but try to keep it away from the support of plant.
    2. Make repairs- The coldness and the frost can lead to splinter and other harm to the fences, steps and alleyway, so have a check what repairs are to be made. Begin the repairing process as soon as possible to avoid any further damage to the yard. You can also paint as spring time is the most excellent time for painting.
    3. Prune trees and shrubs- Before trimming the trees and shrubs wait for other bushes to grow. Once they stop growing, you will see that some are dead or damaged and then you can cut that damaged bush. Trim it every year to keep them to a proper size.
    4. Add composite to the soil- Add compost to your soil because this is the ideal time to start in order to affix nutrients to the soil.
    5. Start planting- Always keep in mind to stand your plants in nutrient affluent topsoil so that it can grow earlier and stronger. Make sure to water your plants for the first two weeks as they turn out to be established in their new home.

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